How Do I Motivate Myself to Clean?


With so many other things going on in our lives, work, education, families, friends, trying to hit the gym three times a week, socializing, and sleeping, finding time or motivation to clean can be the last thing on our minds.

After a long day, we just want to sit down and watch Netflix, not fold our laundry, and dust the bookshelves. But unfortunately, most of us don’t have a cleaner or a housekeeper, just our drained selves to keep the house afloat. 

So what can we do? Well, we can look at some nifty tips and tricks that can motivate us to clean and do our laundry! Keep reading for some top tips to transform yourself into cleaning royalty! 

How do I motivate myself to clean?

We can use a few tricks to motivate ourselves to clean; a great one is to start with a small task, rather than the daunting job of cleaning your entire house from top to bottom. Start with a small and easy to clean area, like your bedside table or kitchen counters.

Removing the clutter from these areas and cleaning the surfaces, although a small task, will feel like an achievement and motivate you to carry on!

After you have completed some cleaning, why not reward yourself? Little treats to mark a job well done will motivate you to keep going and keep your morale high.

A well-deserved cup of tea, chocolate bar, or an episode of your favorite TV program will inspire you to keep going. 

Another great motivator is music. Crank up your favorite playlist, have a little dance, sing as you sweep the floors, or tidy your bookshelves.

Having music on will also help the time seem faster, and it will surprise you how much you can accomplish.

Speaking of time, why not use that as a motivator and challenge yourself. Break the room you are cleaning into little sections, and set timers on your phone or clock. It’s surprising what you will get done in 20 minutes!

Why not start small and just clean for twenty minutes each evening. It’s plenty of time to tidy your dishes away, sweep the floor, or have a quick dust

Small chunks like that each day will chip away at your cleaning and give you a feeling of satisfaction every evening. What’s more, as it’s only 20 minutes you are more likely to clean than if it was the whole day!

Why not give some of these tips a go and see which works best for you? You might need a combination of these or just one, but you will be motivated to clean! 

How can I motivate myself to do laundry?

When it comes to doing laundry, it’s hard to find the motivation to complete it! An excellent way to motivate yourself is to break the washing down into small chunks incorporated into your daily routine. 

An excellent way to motivate yourself to do the laundry is to set the machine on a timer delay overnight. Put the washing in your machine before bed and set the delay start so that the washing will finish as you wake up. 

Then in the morning, it doesn’t feel like much effort to remove the clean washing and dry it. You can add this easily into your routine and head to work feeling satisfied that you accomplished a task. 

Another great motivator is music! Get your favorite tunes on and set yourself a challenge; say that you will have folded X amount of clothes by the end of one song.

Why not get your children or partner involved and have a laundry folding competition? Before you know it, you will feel motivated!

How can I motivate myself to spring clean?

When it comes to spring cleaning, breaking it down into small chunks is the best way to keep you motivated. Instead of thinking about all the cleaning you have to do, break it down into room by room or section by section and reward yourself when you have completed a task.

Treat yourself to a biscuit, a sit-down, or anything you fancy to keep you motivated!

Again, get your music blasting and make the most out of the time spent cleaning! Your favorite playlist or some loud dance music will keep you feeling upbeat and ready to attack the cleaning. 

When it comes to spring cleaning, set time aside for your schedule, write it in your phone, diary, or calendar, and treat it as an appointment that you can’t miss. That way, you will feel motivated to get up and do it!

You’ll feel so much better when you can tick off a job well done too!

If you are struggling to stay motivated while cleaning, think about the results and allow them to motivate you to keep going.

Visualize the clean and tidy rooms and have that spur you on! Remember not to overload yourself and try and do too much; set realistic goals, and before you know it, you will want to get up and declutter your wardrobe!

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