What Products Do Professional House Cleaners Use?


There are many different products used by professional house cleaners. There is no one specific product, as each cleaner is likely to have their own personal favorites. 

Microfiber cloths are beloved by cleaners for many reasons. They are reusable meaning that they eliminate a lot of the waste produced by cleaning. They are much more gentle than paper towels and will not damage any of your surfaces, even delicate ones like wood and paint. They are also lint-free, meaning they do not leave behind any unsightly fibers. 

An all-purpose cleaner is designed to be multifunctional. They can be used on the floor and the all-purpose aspect means that you can have one product to use on all surfaces. 

White vinegar is really useful as a more natural alternative to cleaning products. It can be used to remove hard water stains and is safe for use on almost all surfaces. If you like the security of using a commercial product, look for one that is acid-based. 

A vacuum cleaner is a vital part of a professional cleaner’s toolkit. Every home will need vacuuming and it is much faster and easier to use than a brush. A professional is likely to have a lightweight but powerful vacuum cleaner that can be easily maneuvered. 

A mop or steam cleaner is another key cleaning product. Use one that can easily be wrung out to make the cleaning process smoother. At a minimum, you should be mopping your floors once per week, or twice for hardwood flooring.

Bleach is needed to clean the toilet bowl. Many people do not like the thought of using harsh chemicals, but it is really needed for the level of grime and bacteria found in the toilet. You should use this in conjunction with a toilet brush for a deep clean.

Windex or other glass cleaner is integral to a good cleaning toolkit. Every home has windows and mirrors, which can quickly become streaky and messy. This can make entire rooms look unclean. You need a high-quality glass cleaner to ensure the surfaces sparkle. 

These are the basic products required for cleaning a home like a professional. It is not an exhaustive list, but these products will help you to complete the bulk of the cleaning. 

What do professional cleaners use to dust?

One of the most useful tips you can take from professional cleaners is to purchase a static high duster. These are the fluffy dusters on sticks, allowing you to reach up high into hard-to-reach areas. They are perfect for removing cobwebs and dusting light fixtures.

Most surfaces can easily be cleared of dust using nothing more than a damp cloth. If you are not so keen on the idea of using a wet cloth, a dry microfiber cloth will work wonders. Microfiber cloths are particularly effective on shiny or glossy surfaces.

They are perfect for cleaning mirrors as they do not leave lint and fibers behind on the glass.

Many professional cleaners opt to use a Swiffer duster for some surfaces. Areas that you do not want to use furniture polish or chemical sprays on are the perfect places to use this. The Swiffer is treated to attract dust, making them super handy when your surface is uneven.

No dusting process is complete without vacuuming. Professional cleaners are likely to use a vacuum cleaner with inbuilt HEPA filters. These help to trap the dust more efficiently in the vacuum, creating a dust-free home. 

Do house cleaners bring their own supplies?

This varies from cleaner to cleaner. Most house cleaners, particularly if they are independently employed, will simply use the supplies that you have in your home. You can request that they bring their own supplies to clean with, however, this is likely to increase the cost to the homeowner. 

If you have the same cleaner that visits your home regularly, you may wish to consider asking them which products they like to work with. You can then purchase this for them to use next time they visit. As they work with cleaning chemicals regularly they will likely have good recommendations.

Some cleaners will bring their own gloves and cleaning cloths to work. This may be because they have sensitive skin or simply because you do not provide them. It is a good idea to ask your cleaner if there is anything you could purchase to help them do their jobs. 

Cleaners working for an agency are much more likely to come armed with cleaning supplies. This is because the firm will have done research and testing into the best performing products.

If they are using their own cleaning products you should ensure they have public liability insurance. Any electrical items they bring into your home should have passed a PAT test to ensure their safety.

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What products do professional house cleaners use?

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