How To Tidy Your Room Quickly & Efficiently

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How To Quickly Tidy Your Room

We all know the feeling you get when someone’s about to come over, and your room is an absolute mess. You sit on your un-made bed looking around at the disaster-zone and thinking “where do I even begin?!”. Don’t worry, we get it and are here to tell you exactly how to tidy your room quickly.

Since you’re here, we imagine you might be in a bit of a rush.

If you’ve only got 30 seconds, here’s our quick-fire guide to a super-fast clean-up session.

8 Quick Steps to a Tidier Room 

  1. Grab a garbage bag and go around your room picking up rubbish and empty your bins
  2. Pick up all your dirty clothes and throw them in a laundry basket or the washing machine
  3. Strip and change your sheets, throw them in the wash too if there’s time
  4. Take any dishes down to the kitchen (check under the bed for forgotten mouldy ones) At this point, your room should look a lot tidier! 
  5. Pick up any clutter left on your floors and surfaces, put them in their usual home
  6. Whizz around with a vacuum, using the hose to get cobwebs from corners, and mop afterwards if you have hard floors
  7. Dust, polish or wipe down each surface including your mirrors. Use the duster to clean any dusty skirting boards
  8. Spray some room spray or air freshener for the finishing touch

Quick Cleaning and Tidying Hacks

Sometimes you might know exactly what you need to do, but you just can’t find the motivation to start. These fast cleaning hacks can help to encourage you to begin to tidy your room quickly, and speed up the process once you get going. 

The Pomodoro Technique 

The Pomodoro technique is a time management system using periods of work and rest for optimum productivity. It can be applied to your career, exercise and even cleaning.

The typical periods are 25 minutes of work with 5 minutes break, with a 10-minute break every 4th break. 

We like using the Tomato Timer site but there are plenty of other websites and apps available.

Make or download a cleaning & Tidying checklist

If you’re motivated by the power of a filled-in tick box, this one might work wonders for you. Make a cleaning list for each room or the whole house, with all your tasks written out.

Ticking them off as you go will help you see your progress and motivate you to carry on. See how many you can get done in a set time for extra motivation.

Our FREE deep cleaning checklist is a great example of how to clean every day and keep on top of housework. Just click on either button below to download and get started.

Deep Cleaning Checklist - Resource Library - Clean and Tidy Living

Read more about the benefits of a chore checklist, and why we highly recommend one in our post: What Is A Cleaning Schedule And How To Make One

Race against the washing machine

Throw all your dirty laundry into the machine and race against the timer.

Clothes in Washing Machine - How to tidy your room quickly

Use a high-energy playlist that gets you moving

Spotify has playlists sorted by BPM for runners to maintain their speed, try this for cleaning and your home will be spic and span in no time!

Tidy for 15 minutes per day, every day

Make a 15-minute cleaning playlist or set a 15-minute timer, start cleaning and stop when it goes off. You might even find you carry on past the 15 minutes because the hardest part is always getting started.

How to get motivated to Tidy your room Quickly

The overwhelming feeling that comes with an untidy space can be enough to deter us from wanting to start. Remember that it’s not the end of the world to let things get out of hand and that putting yourself first is always the most important thing.

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get back into your cleaning routine, here are some tips that might help. 

Read a book dedicated to Tidying  

Marie Kondo has gone viral for a reason. Her methods are effective and get you feeling motivated and wanting to clean. She has two books which we highly recommend – “Spark Joy” and one called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. 

Or, you can buy the set of books together here.

Marie Kondo organisation books to help tidy your room quickly

If you’re short on time, many Youtube videos explain her methods more concisely. 

Or, watch this video to learn the KonMari Fold for all of your basics when tidying your clothes.

Only listen to your favourite podcast or playlist when Tidying

Building up an association between your favourite media and a task can make you want to tidy up. We use this method to get motivated for exercising as well! 

Remember how good it feels to have a Tidy space

This makes the purpose of the cleaning for yourself and not anyone else, which is the most important thing. Start by tidying one area, like your living room, so you can relax and fully enjoy that space. The pride from looking around and seeing your hard work paying off can be a great motivator to tackle another room. 

Add Tidying and Cleaning motivation to your social media

Have you heard of Mrs Hinch? She’s a cleaning Instagram influencer who regularly posts videos of herself cleaning her home on Instagram. We find that her posts and stories leave us wanting to get up and start cleaning right away! 

How to Quickly keep your room Tidy

Of course, the best way to clean your room quickly is to keep it cleaner in general so when you do need to tidy up fast, there’s less work to be done. 

Don’t put off jobs that will take less than 5 minutes

Start getting into the habit of doing small tasks as soon as they arise. Take dishes with you on the way to the kitchen, put laundry in the laundry basket and put clothes away straight away. 

These are habits that can be learned, and will massively improve how you view cleaning your room. The process can go from being a huge overhaul every time somebody comes over, to a case of maintaining your tidy room. 

Invest in storage and give everything a home

Even in smaller spaces, you can make smarter use of a room by investing in affordable storage solutions. 

If you find there a lot of empty vertical space in your cupboards and wardrobes, look for tall storage options like these on Amazon. Or, use boxes to store items instead.

Folded clothes in boxes - How to tidy your room quickly

Keep less on display 

Having tidy surfaces and desks makes a room look much tidier. It’s also much easier to clean a surface without clutter on it, so you’ll be more likely to stay on top of dusting. 

A decluttered room is more relaxing and might even help with sleep issues. 

Final Thoughts on Tidying Your Home

We hope this guide on how to tidy your room quickly has helped you find the motivation to get going. And remember – the hardest part is always getting started!

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