Is Hand Washing Clothes Better Than Machine Wash?

Is handwashing clothes better than machine wash

While they both have their perks, hand washing your clothes can sometimes be better than machine washing them. For delicate materials, in particular, hand washing your clothes will be gentler and allow them to last for longer.

You can also control the amount of laundry detergent your clothes are subjected to, removing any germs on your clothes and freshening them up while they are hand washed.

The time difference between your machine and handwashing is negligible too, depending on your usual cycle, hand washing can be a quicker option than filling the machine.

There are some cases where a machine wash is better; for example, a larger load will take longer to hand wash than a few items.

It’s worth weighing that and the cost of running your washing machine when deciding whether to hand wash your clothes or use a washing machine.

Hand washing, although it seems like an old-fashioned way to clean your clothes, is still incredibly popular.

Whether it’s to freshen up your favorite shirt for a dinner date or an alternative while your washing machine is being repaired, hand washing can be handy.

But how do we do it? What are the advantages of handwashing? Before you work yourself up with 20000 questions, let’s answer some and send you on your handwashing journey.

What are the advantages of washing clothes by hand?

Hand Washing clothes are far gentler than using a washing machine. You are likely to see clothes, particularly delicate materials like lace or silk, last for longer than when washed with the washing machine.

Not only is handwashing gentler on clothes, but it is also on your bank balance too.

Filling a sink, bathtub, or bowl with warm water often uses less energy than filling an entire washing machine.

Especially if you are only using the machine to wash a few items, handwashing is the cheaper option.

When it comes to hand washing, you can control better the amount of time the laundry is exposed to the water.

Instead of fiddling with washing machine settings that aren’t always suitable, you can wash your clothes for 5-10 minutes and freshen them up to your needs.

What is the best way to hand wash clothes?

The best way to hand wash your clothes is to start by filling a basin, sink, or bathtub with tepid or room-temperature water.

Add your detergent or laundry soap, as you would on a delicate wash function. If you are unsure how much detergent to add, the information should be on the detergent bottle or label.

Using your hands, agitate the water to mix the washing detergent and water. Think of it like how you generate bubbles in a bubble bath. Once you have done this, add your laundry to the water.

Soak your laundry in the water for 30 minutes. Sometimes this will vary depending on the amount of laundry and its material; for example, you might want to leave more delicate items in the water for less time.

Some delicate items will have a specific time to be in the water; if not, stick with 30 minutes as a rule of thumb.

Once the time has passed, drain the water and use clean water to rinse the laundry. Ensure that any suds are thoroughly rinsed and wring your laundry before setting it to dry.

If possible, dry the laundry on a washing line or using a clothes airer or radiator.

Ensure that any clothes dried inside are near a heat source and the room is well-ventilated, so the added moisture does not cause mildew which is difficult to remove.

Can you do laundry in the bathtub?

You can use your bathtub to do your laundry! You need to take a few precautions, but you can hand wash your laundry in the tub with ease.

Perfect for the times where your washing machine breaks or you fancy a change. Using the bathtub offers more space than a sink or washbowl, meaning you can hand wash more clothes in one go.

Before using your bathtub, ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned; you don’t want to clean clothes in a dirty environment.

You will need to plug the tub and ensure there are no cracks or gaps where water could leak out; that’s the last thing you want when doing your laundry.

Fill the bathtub with hot water and ensure enough to submerge the washing into the tub; you don’t want any rogue sleeves popping out.

Be sure that the water temperature is correct, too; your detergent should specify the temperature the water should be for your laundry to be effectively cleaned.

If the water needs to be hotter than you can handle, you might need protective clothing or tongs to avoid burning yourself. Ideally, the water should not be so hot that it inflicts pain.

Once you have the temperature and water amount correct, add your detergent following the instructions on the label.

You can then add your clothes and wash them following the hand wash instructions on the laundry or the detergent.

Can you hand wash towels?

Yes, you can hand wash your towels. You can wash your towels in your bath by hand for fresh and clean towels.

Hand Washing your towels is a fairly easy task to complete, too; in a few easy steps, you can have lovely clean towels.

Using your favorite detergent, mix it with hot water in the bath, and place your towels in the bathtub.

Ensure there is enough water to cover the towels and leave them to soak in the water detergent mix for 30 minutes. This allows the detergent to get to work and clean your towels.

After 30 minutes, drain the water away and refill your tub with hot water.

Use this clean water to rinse the towels thoroughly to remove any suds from them. Be sure not to use too much detergent, as it can leave you with stiff towels that won’t be comfortable to use.

Leftover detergent also makes the towels less absorbent, as the fibres that should catch water are already ‘full’.

Wring the towels out thoroughly and hang them to dry. On a nice day, your towels will dry in the sunshine in a few short hours.

If drying them indoors, ensure adequate heat and ventilation to remove moist air from your home.

When it comes to hand washing towels, the most vital part is to ensure there isn’t too much detergent in the bathtub. Use the required amount stated on your detergent, and you are good to go.

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