Is it Better to Repair or Replace a Washing Machine?


Washing machines are a staple in homes across the country, keeping us in fresh clothes without needing to take our washing to the river and beat it with rocks (just us with that view of old-fashioned washing?). They have become a lifeline for many of us and part of our daily routine.

But with all electrical appliances, things can go wrong. Many of us have been faced with a broken or faulty washing machine and found ourselves thinking,  what do I do now?

We have all heard the rumors that it’s cheaper to buy a new machine than repair the old one. Or that it’s a waste of money repairing an appliance that only lasts a few years anyway. 

Well, today, we are here to put those rumors to bed once and for all! We will tackle your washing machine replacement queries so that when your machine breaks next time; you know exactly what to do!

Is it better to repair or replace a washing machine?

It depends on the damage and brand of the washing machine when deciding whether to repair or replace the machine. If the damage is relatively minimal or affordable, it is always best to repair the washing machine!

Parts can cost as little as $10 and be repaired by yourself if you feel particularly DIY-savvy! Alternatively, hiring a professional to conduct any repairs is worth doing, especially if your warranty states repairs must be carried out by a professional.

Speaking of warranties, it is always best to check your warranty before repairing or replacing your washing machine to see if you can have it done for free! Keep an eye out for any product recalls or parts warnings, as these can be repaired by the manufacturer, saving you money!

In some cases, though, the cost of repairing the washing machine can be more than replacing the machine entirely! If the machine is old or an expensive part such as the drum or motor has failed, replacing the machine can be easier and cheaper.

Especially if the brand’s parts are expensive or the model has been discontinued, you can find yourself on a mad hunt for parts that aren’t made anymore. 

It’s worth weighing all these factors when your machine breaks and decides whether or not the machine should be replaced or repaired. Set a budget for how much you are willing to spend on repairs and if the cost exceeds it, look to replace the machine instead. 

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Is it worth replacing a washing machine drum?

The drum of your washing machine is one of the most expensive parts you can replace, and often you are better off buying a new machine instead! The drum can set you back anywhere between $350 and $550 depending on the make and model of your machine; you could get a new washing machine and change for that cost! 

It is worth considering whether you want to repair your machine or replace the entire unit when the repair costs this much.

However, it is worth noting that once the drum is replaced, your washing machine will perform like new! Providing there’s no other damage to your washing machine, you could see another few years of perfect operation from your machine!

If your washing machine is new, contact the manufacturer and check your warranty period as your drum should not be failing. There might be a manufacturer fault, and you could have your machine repaired or replaced for free!

Checking this beforehand can potentially save you hundreds of dollars for a repair that wasn’t your fault. 

Is it worth replacing bearings on a washing machine?

Yes, in most cases, it’s worth replacing the bearings on a washing machine. Even on older washing machine models, replacing the bearings can extend its life and get your machine back to its usual working condition. 

The bearings on a washing machine are often affordable and can be done by yourself if you want to save money and avoid hiring a professional. Replacement bearings are often easy to locate, too, depending on the make and model of your machine and can be replaced quickly.

There’s a wealth of tutorials and step-by-step guides online that can walk you through the process too.

It is always worth replacing your bearings to avoid further damage to your washing machine. If left unchecked, faulty bearings can damage other parts of your machine, such as electrical components, outer drum, shaft, and the basket, leaving you with more costly repairs down the line.

As soon as you notice a fault with your bearings, you should look to replace them!

Be sure to check your warranty before carrying out any repairs to see if your warranty covers you. The last thing you want to do is part with your cash unnecessarily! 

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Is it better to repair or replace a washing machine

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