Is NEFF a High End Brand?

Is NEFF a high end brand

When it comes to buying kitchen appliances, you want to buy high end products. One of the most popular choices for anything from ovens to coffee machines is the NEFF brand. They have been operating since 1877 and are still around today due to their quality products.

NEFF‘s high standards can be found in more than the materials of their products, but also where they source them, taking environmental responsibility seriously. Knowing that you are buying from a place that understands its own environmental footprint is a great way to ensure your own carbon footprint is reduced.

NEFF is mostly known for its “Slide&Hide” collection of ovens. As the name suggests, the doors can slide under the oven in an easy motion, making the process of retrieving your delicious food less clunky. This type of motion is especially good for wheelchair users, as the oven door won’t get in your way.

However, you would not find NEFF in the budget section of your local home appliances store, as even their most basic models of products are on the higher end of their market.

Are NEFF appliances better than Bosch?

NEFF and Bosch are both popular brands and are known for making high end products. But when it comes down to it, which brand is better? Before we dive into the products and their comparisons, we first need to think about what we believe is considered important in an appliance.

We’ve narrowed down the important factors of any appliance to be its functionality, meaning how well it performs its desired job, its style, and its stand-out features. To make this comparison fair, we are looking at one product that is close in price and similar in design.

The appliance we are going to look at is the Steam Oven. A steam oven will cook faster than a conventional oven, and its design should lock in the nutrients and flavors whilst keeping the texture crisp.

The first feature that both brands have is the ability to clean themselves using the EcoClean technology, this technology breaks down grease splatters whilst you roast your chicken dinner. The next feature is the TFT Display screen and control panel, allowing you to have perfect control of the functions of the oven.

Once again both brands are using this technology. And again both NEFF and Bosch have Home Connect which is a wifi connection feature, allowing you to connect your mobile device to your oven. This is a nifty trick when you are driving home late from work and want your food to be cooked before you arrive.

When it comes to features, these companies seem to be doing the exact same thing. So now it’s time to see how well they do against each other. Once again the customer reviews of Bosch and NEFF products are the same. Everyone seems to be largely happy with these products.

So the last point to help us decide which brand is better is the designs. This is the first time on our search that we are actually seeing a difference between the two brands.

The NEFF have opted for a streamlined, rectangular look, keeping their touch screen buttons small so the oven’s window takes up most of the room. This is great if you want to show off the food you are cooking. Bosh, on the other hand, has opted for a smaller window and a rolling button for easy to navigate operating.

From this, we can see that Bosch opted for ease, and NEFF has opted for style, although in reality, they are both very similar products.

This comparison is similar throughout all of their products which leaves us to our next question.

Are bosch and Neff the same company?

Technically no, they are not the same company, but they do currently live in the same company family tree.

In 1877 Carl Andreas NEFF founded NEFF. In the late 20th century NEFF became a subsidiary of AEG which is another electrical company, essentially meaning that AEG owned or/and controlled NEFF. However, AEG went bankrupt not long after in 1982.

This is when Bosch jumped in. Bosch was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch Stiftung and after doing so well they created a second company called BHS. BHS, just like Bosch, AEG, and NEFF, was built to be a home appliances company and is one of the leading companies worldwide.

When AEG went bankrupt, BHS saved them. Buying AEG out meant that NEFF was now in a subsidiary with BHS instead. This means that NEFF is part of the BHS family, and that Bosch owns NEFF, BHS, and AEG.

To make this clearer you could say that the current relationship between Bosch and NEFF can be described like this; NEFF is Bosch’s adopted grandchild.

Is NEFF more expensive than Bosch?

At their lowest price, NEFF cannot be considered a budget purchase no matter which appliance you are looking at. That being said when it comes to their ovens, NEFF’s cheapest oven is actually cheaper than Bosch.

Ovens aside, Bosch has a more varied range of product prices that are aimed at both the high end market and at the lower end. So if you are looking for something that is good quality but doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, Bosch can help you out.

NEFF’s products are all high end, but just because they are more expensive, doesn’t mean that they are charging too much. They are simply only aiming at the high end demographic.

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Is NEFF a High Quality Brand?

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