Do You Need New Hoses For a New Washer?

Do you need new hoses for a new washer

When you purchase a new washing machine, it will come complete with new fill hoses. Generally speaking, we always advise using the new washer hoses with your new machine.

You may choose to keep using the old hoses, but you should only do this if you have properly checked them. 

There should be no signs of damage on any of the hoses if you are planning to keep them in operation. It is a good idea to use the new hoses anyway, as the old ones will need replacing at some point. Using the new hoses allows you to not concern yourself with replacing the hoses as soon. 

Newer hoses may contain filters built into the end. This is not commonly seen on older washer hoses. If your washing machine comes with this type of hose, you should use the new hoses when installing it.

This is because the manufacturer has designed the washing machine to function optimally with these filters installed. 

The real issue with new hoses is that the length is not guaranteed. This means that you could potentially have hoses that are too short to reach from your washing machine to your taps.

In this situation, you may be forced to use your old hoses until you can purchase new ones that are longer. 

Do all washers use the same hoses?

All washing machines should use a standard size and fitting of hose. That being said, the design of the hoses varies between manufacturers, and not all hoses will be compatible with all washing machines. 

As mentioned above, not all hoses are made to measure the same length. Regular fill hoses are 1.5 meters long, and extra-long hoses are around 2.5 meters.

If your drain hose is too short then you can purchase a universal drain hose extension kit. This is an easy way to make your drain hose longer with little hassle on your behalf. 

Some hoses are anti-flood fill hoses. These have the same fittings on the end as regular hoses. They are much bulkier in the body and tend to be made from corrugated plastic. They will have a larger fitting at the end that connects to the tap. 

How long do washing machine hoses last?

This depends on the quality of the hose, the quality of the installation, and the frequency with which the machine is run. 

You can get washing machine hoses made from a variety of materials. These include reinforced rubber, braided stainless steel, and ones that include an auto-shutoff mechanism. 

The reinforced rubber hoses use a mesh made from braided polyester or rayon to provide additional strength. They are commonly used on washing machines found outside your home. 

Steel braided hoses are designed to be used inside your home. They are a fairly modest price and are less likely to burst due to the steel casing. If your washer hose will need to be installed in a small space then it will need to bend.

At this point, the steel casing can dig into the rubber hose and cause damage. You can find hoses with an elbow to counteract this issue.

Hoses with an auto-shutoff valve tend to be covered in steel and are also designed for indoor use. If the hose bursts, the mechanism senses the change in water pressure and halts the water supply. This can save your home from sustaining water damage.

If the hose is installed incorrectly it may become twisted. This can put undue pressure on specific areas, weakening them. This can lead to the hose bursting prematurely or developing leaks. 

How often should washer hoses be replaced?

Washer hoses should be replaced at least once every 5 years, although this may need to be done sooner if you use your washing machine regularly.

Generally speaking, people will replace them anytime after the 3-year mark.

Washer hoses are one of the most important parts of your washing machine. They help to prevent leaks and floods from developing and destroying your home. 

You should check the washer hoses on your machine at least once a year.

Look for any signs of damage or water leaking out. Keep an eye out for rust, snags, and kinks in the hose. If you notice any of these things, you should replace the washer hoses before you use your washing machine again. 

It is important to change your washer hose regularly to ensure it does not burst. This can cause a huge amount of problems in your home. It can also lead to some significant and costly damage that is so easily avoided. 

Are hot and cold washer hoses the same?

Most washing machines are cold fill only in modern times.

This is because they are much cheaper for the manufacturer to build.

There is no need to create 2 sets of valves, hoses, wiring, and electronics if the washing machine only uses a cold water supply. These are believed to help biological laundry detergents to function more optimally. 

If you have an older model of washing machine, you are likely to still contain 2 hoses – one for hot water and one for cold water. If you regularly run hot washes you are better off purchasing a 2 hose washing machine.

They are both around ¾ inch in diameter and will be marked to dictate which hose is which. Some are designed to be used for both hot and cold water.

There is no real difference between the 2 hoses although they will be marked to indicate which water supply they are intended to be used for. If you mix the position of the hoses up, you will not notice any adverse effects. 

In washing machines made after 1995, the cold water inlet will be on the left and the hot water inlet on the right. These can be found on the back of the washing machine. You will notice an indented letter H and C on either side above the valves. 

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Do you need new hoses for a new washer?

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