Should You Hang Washing Out Overnight?

Should You Hang Washing Out Overnight

This depends on the weather where you live. Leaving the washing out during the day is, primarily, so it can dry in the sunshine.

During the night, it will become much colder. And it won’t dry as well. 

It can also absorb some dew if it is near any grass. So you would need to wash it and dry it all again.

Leaving it out overnight also means that (unless you are nocturnal) you won’t be able to bring the laundry in if it rains. 

During nice weather, laundry dries very quickly when outside. So it’s not necessary to leave it out for hours overnight.

If your laundry isn’t drying properly outside, then it might not be warm or sunny enough for it to be outside. So it might be a good idea to bring it inside instead. 

Does hanging clothes outside kill germs?

Drying clothes outside is great for killing germs. This is because the UV rays from the sun will kill germs.

This is another reason to avoid drying laundry outside during the night.

Hanging clothes outside in the sun can also make laundry smell better. This is because the bacteria is killed by the UV rays.

So the laundry will have a nicer, fresher smell. So that great fresh linen smell will be even better.

Are clothes dryers bad for the environment?

The short answer is yes. Clothes dryers emit more than a ton of carbon dioxide every year.

So, if you have the space, hanging your laundry out to dry is the best option for the environment.

This can be hanging them out inside or outside. Hanging laundry outside is the better option.

This is because hanging it up inside means that you will likely need to have the heating on. Which is necessary during the winter.

But having the heating on also isn’t great for the environment. So it would be best to only hang laundry out when you have the heating on anyway. 

Hanging laundry outside in the sun is better for your laundry and for the environment. It is especially great for white clothes and linen.

As the sun will help to bleach them and keep them bright and white. 

Is it okay to hang washing out?

It absolutely is. Hanging washing out is one of the best ways to dry your clothes. It might not be the fastest method. Especially if you’re drying clothes indoors during the winter. But it will be better for the environment, as well as your electricity bill. 

But don’t think that you can only hang washing outside. You can also hang it indoors.

This can be on a drying rack. Or you can find a retractable clothes line. This can be installed anywhere in your home. However, the most common place is over the tub to collect any water droplets. 

Will clothes dry in cloudy weather?

They will. Just not as quickly as on a sunny day. They will dry when it is cloudy, especially if there is a breeze. And even more so if the breeze is warm.

But sunshine is the best for drying laundry outside.

If you are wondering about bringing the laundry in because the sun has gone in, it’s worth leaving it out. It will still dry. And the sun might come out again. 

If you’re wondering whether to hang laundry out on a completely cloudy day, then it’s still worth it. Especially if the clouds aren’t too heavy.

This will still very likely be faster than allowing them to dry inside. That is, unless it is cold outside, and you have the heating on inside.

It will also be better for the environment than using a dryer.

Will clothes dry overnight inside?

They absolutely will. If you don’t have the heating on overnight, then it will take longer than during the day.

And it will also take longer in warmer months if your clothes rack is normally in the line of the sun.

But they will still dry if your home is dry. If your home is damp and cold, this will be worse overnight. So your laundry will likely take much longer to dry. If it does at all.

Hanging out clothes when it’s cold means that they will take longer to dry. And it is pretty much always colder during the night. 

This can make it difficult to tell whether the clothes are dry or just cold. So, if you have one, then you can finish the laundry off in a tumble dryer.

This will be better for your electricity bill and the environment than drying them completely in the dryer. 

Hanging your clothes out to dry is the best option for the environment and your electricity bill. But it won’t always work in cold or wet weather. So a dryer is an option for occasional use.

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Should you hang washing out overnight

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  1. I do my washing late on if I have missed a place on the washing line as it is catch 22 where I live everyone uses the line as it is a communal garden I do a big clothes wash at least once a week and towels bedding etc the next week

  2. I think a lot of people don’t wash and hang clothes at night with the intent of having it dry in the morning- speaking for myself I simply wait until the clothes are dry and have usually had adequate sun exposure at some point within the next day or two. I’ve had no issues with my clothes smelling bad or developing mold/mildew!

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