Are Samsung Washing Machines Good?


If you have your own home, then you will know how important it is to have good quality appliances around the house. What is even more important is having a good, working washing machine to help you keep on top of the housework.

With a busy schedule and lifestyle, it can be hard to find time to do your laundry, go grocery shopping and keep your home clean and tidy. 

A good quality washing machine can at least tick one of those chores off your list and help you clean your clothes, washing and laundry in a matter of minutes, so that you can tackle more important tasks! 

Samsung is a popular appliance and electronics brand, known for their high quality, durable and long lasting products. Samsung are not only a leading manufacturer in the electronics, and smartphone industry, but they are also makers of some of the best washing machines available on the market today. So, are Samsung a good brand for washing machines?

Are Samsung a good brand for washing machines?

Samsung are actually very popular makers of washing machines and dryers, and have quickly become leaders in the industry. Samsung’s washing machines are usually full of extensive, useful and efficient features that provide users with lots of programs and functions to choose from that suit their specific needs, and what they want to get out of their washing machines.

Most models from Samsung offer various settings for speed, water temperature, cycle length, laundry dirtiness levels, and many other features such as vibration reduction technology, steam washing, flexible washing, and the ability to connect the machine to WiFi, and home assistant technologies. 

Samsung are always looking for new ways to find innovation in their products, and the washing machines are not different. Samsung recently rolled out a new feature called AddWash, which allows users to open the door or hatch to add in extra items of clothing and laundry midway through the washing cycle. We’ve all been there before, you’ve piled in all of your clothes to wash, stuck the machine on, to find that you left out the one tee you really wanted. With the AddWash feature, this disappointment is a thing of the past! 

What is even more impressive is the Samsung line of EcoBubble washing machines. These types of machines pre mix the detergent with some water before flowing it into the washing machine drum, frothing the mixture with air so that it penetrates and deeply cleanses the items inside faster, so that you can wash clothes quicker, in lower settings and save time, energy, and money. These types of machines are incredibly eco friendly and cost effective, which makes them an attractive model for many consumers. 

What most users love about Samsung washing machines is that they are available in a wide range of sizes, models, and price points, making them highly accessible for many households. What is even better is that most models strive for energy efficiency, yet remain long lasting, durable and worth the money. 

Are Samsung washing machines reliable?

If you are thinking about purchasing a Samsung washing machine, then you will need to know whether you can depend and rely upon the machine. The last thing you need is your expensive washing machine breaking down after a few months of use. 

The good news is that Samsung washing machines are very reliable, and Samsung as a company is one of the highest rated manufacturers in terms of customer satisfaction. In addition, Samsung appliances are well known for their ability to last years, with most models expected to last for up to 15 years after purchase! They are also incredibly energy efficient, and will help you save on electricity and water bills, which is always a plus point. 

Whilst there have been recent recalls for a limited number of Samsung washing machines, these have been quickly repaired or replaced by the company themselves to keep customers happy and satisfied, making the brand a very reliable company. 

Are Samsung EcoBubble washing machines any good?

The Samsung EcoBubble washing machines are generally very well accepted. These types of machines are very clear for consumers to use, with lots of features and settings from daily wash, baby care, synthetics, to super eco wash to choose from. However, with each setting, you can alter the time, rinse or temperature yourself to suit your needs. 

The great thing about the Samsung EcoBubble washing machine is that it weighs the load that you put in. From this, the machine can estimate how much water to use, making it more eco friendly and energy efficient for users. The only thing we would recommend is using it for lighter loads, as the bubble system does not work as well on heavier loads of laundry as it cannot efficiently penetrate and clean all of the items at once if it is packed. 

That being said, for energy efficiency, and if you do not have lots of washing to do every single day, the Samsung EcoBubble style washing machine is unrivalled. 

What is the best Samsung washing machine?

If you are ready to try out a Samsung washing machine for yourself, then you will only want to purchase the best of the best. For smaller households, or those who do not need to do a lot of heavy loads, an EcoBubble Freestanding washing machine may be your best choice, such as the Samsung WW90J6410CX. This machine offers users a 15 minute quick wash feature, along with powerful stain removal and energy efficiency. 

On the other hand, if you want a quiet machine, then you may want to go for the Samsung WW80K5413UW washing machine, as this has an effective, powerful spin cycle, along with the handy AddWash feature. 

The truth is, Samsung has a great range of washing machines that cater to everyone. If you need a top loading washer with vibration technology, extensive stain removal, and efficiency, then you cannot go wrong with the Samsung, WA45T3200AW or any others in the Samsung range. 

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