How Long Are Washing Machines Under Warranty?

How long are washing machines under warranty

These days, nothing in life seems free. So when our new electrical appliances come with a warranty period that covers damages and allows us access to free repairs or replacements if things go wrong, we can feel like we have won the lottery. 

Yes, warranties can be long and tedious documents, often confusing in parts, but they have become a useful and essential part of our lives. After all, why should we pay for repairs that aren’t our fault? But understanding your warranty and how long it lasts can be challenging.

Many of us find ourselves googling desperately in search of answers. Well, today, you can search no more! We have done the hard work for you and bring you the answers to all your washing machine warranty questions. Go forth as a new warranty expert! 

How long are washing machines under warranty for?

Generally speaking, most washing machines come with a one-year warranty. This period is standard across all electrical appliances, not just washing machines.

In the first twelve months of your purchase, should anything go wrong, you will likely be covered by the warranty and entitled to either replacement parts or a replacement machine for free. Usually, a professional will be sent to carry out the repairs or replacements for you as part of your warranty. 

Now, these warranties aren’t always straightforward. Some brands will have separate warranties for parts, labor, or electrical components. Samsung, for example, will offer a warranty for parts and labor, a separate warranty for the tub part, and another warranty for the motor part.

You can see how quickly it can get confusing when contacting the manufacturer to use your warranty. 

When it comes to these warranties, be sure you read the warranty carefully before contacting the manufacturer to use your warranty. It can be time-consuming and seem tedious, but reading your warranty can ensure that you aren’t paying for repairs unnecessarily. 

While most warranties are for one year or feature separate warranties for components, some washing machines feature impressive ten-year warranties! These aren’t that common, but your machine can be covered for years to come!

More extended warranties provide security for you and show the brand’s faith in the product too, why not get a washing machine with an impressive warranty that covers you from a range of damages?

How do I know if my appliance is under warranty?

When you purchase your appliance, it should come with a document stating the warranty period on it. The warranty generally starts from the date of purchase, delivery, or some warranties require you to register your appliance online before the period begins. You can also call or email the manufacturer or brand to tell you the length of your warranty.

In any case, you will be covered by the warranty for the first thirty days should anything go wrong with your new washing machine this time. After this period, you can refer to the warranty document that comes with your appliance to check the length of your warranty.

Alternatively, if you registered your appliance online, you can usually check this with the manufacturer. You can visit their website or call their helpline, where they can check the length of the warranty period for your appliance. Although it seems like a tedious task, registering your appliance online can be worthwhile for this very reason. 

You can also check the warranty period online by simply viewing your appliance on sale on a  website or directly with the manufacturer. It’s worth noting that these periods can change but will provide a good indicator of the length of your warranty period. 

Can I extend my washing machine warranty period?

You can indeed extend your warranty period on your washing machine or electrical appliance. Most companies will allow you to extend your warranty period as the end of the one-year approaches; however, you need to be mindful of the cost. 

While it can seem like a good idea to extend the warranty period and have your appliance covered for any damage, these extended warranties can be expensive. Often, they feature a monthly or yearly price that over the extended warranty period of, say, two or three years can cost the same if not more than the cost of a new machine or repairs!

There is also a strong chance that you will pay for a warranty period and not need to use it. While the extended warranty period can seem like an investment and protection should you need it, some people view them as a waste of money because of this. 

You will also need to check to see what the warranty period covers to ensure you are not caught out if you need to contact them. It’s worth checking what your extended warranty will cover before forking out for it to ensure it is value for money. 

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