How Can I Naturally Disinfect My Home?


If you want to avoid strong, artificial chemicals, then there are lots of different things that you can use to naturally disinfect your home.

There are endless amounts of store-bought disinfectants that you can get, but the natural ones are much more difficult to find.

As the store-bought natural disinfectants are difficult to find, it is much easier to create your own disinfectants. So let’s take a look at what you need to gather in order to make one of these. 

Thankfully, lots of the ingredients that you will need to make your own natural disinfectant will already be in your home.

A lot of things that you will need to make natural disinfectant you will have used in other recipes, so you probably won’t even need to go to the store to create natural disinfectant. 

One recipe that you can follow to make natural disinfectant requires you to gather vinegar, club soda, and tea tree oil.

To create this recipe, you will need to combine 1 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of club soda, and finally with 2 drops of tea tree oil. Once you have combined these ingredients you will need to stir them thoroughly to ensure that they have mixed together properly. 

After you have mixed these ingredients you will need to pour it into a spray bottle.

From there you can then spray the disinfectant straight onto the surface that you want to disinfect, and use it like a regular disinfectant.

But, natural disinfectants do not last as long as store-bought disinfectants. So, if you choose to use this recipe, you will need to create the mixture fresh every single time otherwise it will lose its antibacterial abilities. 

What is the best natural disinfectant?

There are lots of different natural disinfectant recipes that you can use to clean your home.

There is the recipe that we have already given you, but there are lots of other, stronger recipes that you may also choose to use.

In our opinion, the best recipes out there for natural disinfectants are recipes that include vinegar, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide as these are all incredibly strong, and great for killing bacteria. 

Of course, these ingredients alone will not be good enough for killing bacteria. They will need to be mixed with other ingredients to create a top quality natural disinfectant.

In particular hot or warm water, and essential oils are excellent ingredients for making the natural disinfectant even stronger. 

Some people frown upon natural disinfectants and struggle to believe that they can be anywhere near as good as artificial disinfectants.

A lot of people believe that nothing will be as effective as bleach in killing bacteria, but the majority of natural disinfectants are just as effective at killing germs. In fact, this has been scientifically proven.

You just have to ensure that you use the correct measurements of ingredients, otherwise your natural disinfectant will not be able to do its job effectively. 

But generally speaking, the best natural disinfectant is anything that is created with either vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or alcohol as its base ingredient.

When you add natural oils and hot water to these base ingredients you will find yourself with a natural disinfectant that is incredibly effective at killing nasty germs and bacteria. 

What is a natural germ killer?

When you need to disinfect your home it can be easy to simply reach for the bleach, but there are lots of natural disinfectants which are just as effective.

Bleach is the easy option because you simply need to combine it with water, and it is ready to use, whereas natural disinfectants usually require a little more work.

However, there are lots of benefits from natural disinfectants that you do not get from bleach. 

There are lots of natural germ killers around, and it is these disinfectants that have been used historically dating back to the days before artificial disinfectants.

These natural germ killers include all the base ingredients that we mentioned earlier, including vinegar, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. In particular, vinegar is an excellent germ killer because it has a high pH rating for acidity which is essential for breaking down germs and bacteria. 

There are lots of other natural germ killers that exist, but it is generally accepted that hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and vinegar form the top 3 natural options.

When you think about it, you probably will have seen these ingredients used in history and in television shows and movies. Most notably, you probably will have seen alcoholic drinks with a high percentage of alcohol content used to disinfect wounds in war movies. 

So, the best natural germ killers that you will find on the market include alcohol, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. And if you want to make your own natural disinfectant, you will probably already have the necessary ingredients at home. 

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