Where Should a Washing Machine Be Placed in a Kitchen?

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Many homeowners choose to keep their washing machines in their kitchens.

If you don’t have plumbing already installed (cold water connection and drain connection) in the kitchen this will need to be done because a washing machine cannot be installed in an area that does not have access to these fixtures.

This access to plumbing is why clothes washers are typically stored in kitchens and bathrooms.

Most washing machines will be connected to the mains pressure as they use the same pipe that supplies water to your kitchen tap. Because of this, you don’t want to position it very far away from this point because otherwise, you will likely experience difficulties when attempting to connect all of the pipes and fittings.

There isn’t necessarily a fixed place where your washing machine should be fixed and most freestanding washing machines can be placed virtually anywhere permitting there is access to connections.

Depending on the installation of the plumbing and the space that you have available, you can position it wherever you feel is the most convenient and accommodating.

Remember that washing machine cycles can be rather loud so it is worth bearing this in mind to ensure that it doesn’t cause any disturbance.

One of the most common places for a washing machine in a kitchen is beneath the counter. This way it is out of the way but still easy to get to.

The layout of your kitchen will determine its exact positioning. Those with U-shaped kitchens may choose to install them at the end. 

Alternatively, you may choose to position your washing machine beneath the kitchen sink, although you will have to account for the space that the basin consumes below the counter.

As such, it is beneficial to opt for a compactly sized machine or one that will be suitable for the depth of space available.

If you do not have a lot of available space in your kitchen but have a utility room adjoining it, it is worth utilizing this space by placing your washing machine here. 

Ultimately, there is no specific place where your washing machine should be stored in your kitchen. So long as you can secure it to the mains it can be placed virtually anywhere.

You will need to assess the build of your washing machine and the space that it is likely to consume to ensure that you select the most appropriate place for it.

How can I hide my washing machine in the kitchen?

For some, the appearance of their washing machine in their kitchen can be an eyesore, however, there are ways of hiding your machine so that it is out of sight.

One of the most obvious ways of hiding your washing machine is to put it inside a kitchen cupboard. This way, it is out of sight but can easily be reached by simply opening the door.

If you have a washing machine and a tumble dryer, you may choose to stack them safely on top of one another inside a cupboard.

Again, visitors to your home will not know where these cleaning appliances are as they are not visually apparent but they will still be easy for you to access.

If you do intend to implement this method, remember to consider the height of both appliances when they are positioned above one another to ensure that you can still get to your washing.

If the place where your washing machine is kept isn’t behind a cupboard door another option is to add a curtain.

Choose a curtain that matches the aesthetics of your kitchen so that it will blend in and then fix it to the unit. This is an effective way of hiding your washing machine because it will appear as though it is a normal part of your kitchen interior.

Many kitchens have a pantry cupboard and if yours is not already filled with other kitchen supplies you can use this machine for your washing machine instead.

As the pantry is a standard fixture in your kitchen, it will effectively hide your washing machine so that only you know that it is inside there.

Again, it remains easily accessible and will be consuming space that was otherwise unoccupied. Another option is to place your washing machine beneath a kitchen unit that is positioned out of the way, more towards a corner for example.

Although it won’t be completely out of sight, it won’t be the first thing that is noticed upon walking into the room. 

Hiding your washing machine in your kitchen requires you to use any spare space that you have available and in some cases, you will need to get creative in regards to the different resources that you use, e.g a curtain, or stacking multiple appliances above one another using shelves.

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Where should a washing machine be placed in a kitchen?

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