How Do I Stabilize My Washing Machine?


If you have ever owned, or even used, a washing machine then the chances are that you will have heard the dreadful noises they make when they rattle. Despite their large and structurally sound design, washing machines are prone to rattling.

Often because the floor that they are laid upon is not straight. Thankfully, there are lots of methods that you can use to improve the stability of your washing machine.

First, you can stabilize your washing machine by looking at the floor that it is placed upon. As we have said, the most common cause of rattling in washing machines is because the floor that they are placed upon is not level.

So, if you check the floor and find that it is uneven or damaged you can fix the stability by fixing the floor. If there is any damage to the floor this can be fixed using filler, or alternatively, you could lay another floor to place your washing machine upon. 

Another thing that can cause your washing machine to rattle is if the load inside it is not even. A lot of washing machines come with large drums which means that it is impossible for the clothing inside the drum to all fall to one side.

If this happens it can cause the washing machine to lean to one side during the cycle which will cause it to become uneven and in turn cause it to rattle. So ensure that you lay the clothing inside the drum evenly to avoid any rattling. 

So, as you can see it is actually very easy to stabilize your washing machine. All you need to do is find the cause of the problem and then use a suitable solution. 

How do I stabilize my washing machine drum?

If your washing machine has experienced stability issues, then the chances are that your washing machine drum has also experienced these problems. We’ve covered how an uneven load can cause your washing machine to become unstable, but how do you fix a washing machine drum that is unstable? Let’s take a look. 

One of the most common washing machines that experience issues with stability in the drum itself is top-loading washing machines. This style of washing machine is supposed to immediately adjust to level once they have been loaded. Ironically, this automatic function is what can often cause this style of washing machine to experience stability issues.

As the machine is supposed to fix the issue themselves, owners tend not to realize that an issue has happened for a little while which could damage the washing machine. 

To fix this issue, you will need to look inside the washing machine to try to find what has gone wrong to cause this instability. Usually, any imbalance in your washing machine drum is caused by another component of the device shifting out of place.

You can usually fix this issue by tipping the washing machine forward for a moment, then leaning it back until it is level on the floor once more. But be careful when you do this because they are heavy machines. 

After you have done this, you will usually find that the issue with your washing machine drum has been fixed and the device is stable once more. 

Do washing machine anti vibration mats work?

Yes, washing machine anti vibration mats do work. Of course, they will never be 100% effective in removing the noise of your washing machine when it is operating, but they will significantly reduce the amount of noise that it produces.

But these devices alone will not be able to completely dull the operating noise of your washing machine, and there are some other methods that you can use to reduce the rattling noise that it makes. 

One of the key things that you need to do to reduce the operating noise of your washing machine is lay it on a flat and level surface. As we have said, if your washing machine is not level this will significantly increase the amount of rattling noise that it makes. So this is the first step to making the machine quieter when it is in use. 

You should also lower the feet of your washing machine, if this is possible, so that your washing machine is set closer to the floor. Most washing machines come with legs and feet that are adjustable so that you can alter them to fit into your home.

If the washing machine is higher off of the ground then you will likely get more rattling noise when it is operating. So reduce them as low as possible. 

When you combine these two steps with an anti vibration mat then you will have reduced the operating noise of your washing machine as much as possible. So yes, anti vibration mats do work with washing machines. 

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