Can You Use Dishwasher Tablets in the Washing Machine?


These days, most of our homes feature both a washing machine and a dishwasher.

We rely more and more on electronics to keep our homes and us clean and operating (how long until the robots rise against us?).

These appliances all come with energy bills to pay, and tablets, detergents or pods used to clean our clothes and dishes.

Depending on the brand, these can be expensive, and if you are running your dishwasher and washing machine multiple times a day, the cost can soon rack up. It leaves many of us wondering if there is a way to combine the cost.

Can we use dishwasher tablets to clean our washing machines? Is there such a difference between the two appliances?

Well, it’s what we are here to find out! We have all your dishwasher-related queries answered for you – just keep reading to find out more.

Can dishwasher tablets be used to clean a washing machine?

You can, but you shouldn’t use dishwasher tablets to clean your washing machine.

Instead, to avoid causing any damage to your machine, it is best to use a washing machine cleaner or other remedies to clean your washing machine effectively.

There are hundreds of methods online that will keep your washing machine clean and fresh for you to experiment with.

Although it is advised against, there are plenty of homeowners using dishwasher tablets to clean their washing machines. So much so that the hack has gone viral!

They found that their washing machine was transformed into a sparkling clean machine, looking brand new! So why is it not advised if the results seem fantastic?

Well, as manufacturers have not carried out the appropriate tests, it is unclear whether dishwasher tablets will damage your washing machine.

The risk isn’t deemed high, but it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s advice and clean the washing machine as they suggest.

The last thing you want to do is use something that isn’t approved, break your machine, and not be covered by the warranty! Instead, use a designated washing machine cleaner or one of the approved homemade methods for a safe and clean washing machine. 

How many dishwasher tablets does it take to clean a washing machine?

For those that are willing to take the risk and want to use a dishwasher tablet to clean your washing machine, four tablets are all it takes! You can use four dishwasher tablets, placing them directly into your machine’s drum to clean the washing machine.

Put the washing machine on a hot wash, without any washing in, and leave the machine and tablet to do their thing! Once the washing machine is finished, you can use it, as usual, enjoying a clean and fresh-smelling machine! 

Any more than four tablets run the risk of the product not draining away correctly and could leave a residue that will attach to your clothes or impact the usual washing cycle.

Not only will it affect your washing, but it is an unnecessary waste of tablets that could be better used in your dishwasher.

Alternatively, if you have a smaller washing machine drum, you might find that two tablets are all you need for a squeaky clean washing machine. There is some leeway here, and you can adjust the number of tablets as you see fit to get the final result you want. 

What happens if you put a dishwasher tablet in the washing machine?

Placing a dishwasher tablet in the washing machine will leave your machine sparkling clean, but not without consequences.

The dishwasher tablet will dissolve and set to work as it would in your dishwasher, breaking down dirt for clean results.

You might notice dirty water in your machine as it gets into the crevices you and your scrubber just can’t reach.

While these results will seem fantastic and leave you searching for more life hacks, the dishwasher tablet can adversely affect your washing machine. 

  1. As your washing machine reaches lower temperatures than your dishwasher, the tablet will not dissolve as well as it would in your dishwasher. This means you can be left with residue in your machine that will attach to your clothes when you next do a wash. 
  2. You can void the warranty of your washing machine.
  3. You could notice a grainy substance or some leftover tablet in your drum, which will need to be removed before using.
  4. As dishwasher tablets aren’t designed with clothes in mind, they can leave your clothes scratchy and coarse, compared to your usual washing detergent and softener. 
  5. As the tablet won’t fully dissolve (even worse if you use multiple tablets!), the residue could remain in your pipes or other components, causing damage to your machine and the need to repair or replace parts.

While it can seem like a good idea, adding dishwasher tablets to your washing machine might not be the best idea. 

What happens if you put a laundry pod in the dishwasher?

While nothing bad is likely to happen if you put a laundry pod in the dishwasher, it’s not something we recommend.

Laundry pods aren’t created with washing dishes in mind, meaning that they don’t contain the enzymes needed to break down crusted food and leave your dishes clean. 

Instead, the softeners and detergents used to clean your clothes and keep them smelling fresh can leave the smell and taste on your dishes.

Who wants to tuck into a pasta bake with a hint of lavender spring? You would most likely need to rewash your dishes before eating from them.

Especially with children, as some ingredients in these laundry pods can be toxic if ingested! 

Also, there are reports of the casing the pod is in (the plastic type) not dissolving correctly in your dishwasher. These can be found in the dishwasher next to your dishes, or worse, trapped in part of the machine causing damage that you will need to pay for. Not what you want from your pod. 

It’s best to avoid using the washing pod in your dishwasher and keep them just for your washing machine where you know they will work correctly. 

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Can dishwasher tablets be used to clean washing machine

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